Thursday, August 4, 2011

Backyard Garden 2011: Week 11

Some thoughts over the past few weeks

Bees about. The deepness of the violets and purples of the Ichiban and Rosita eggplants.

The brightness of Sweet 100 tomatoes.

Anticipation for my first taste of my roma tomatoes, soy beans, and rosita eggplants.
The smell of the worm bin- seeing all of the life fostered in it, and knowing that the waste is not going to the landfill, and is instead going to feed my garden and soil in future seasons.

The simple joy of picking this season's first pole beans. It occurred to me, while fixing my eyes to a particularly bulbous bean deep within the recesses of the bean plant jungle affixed to a wire fence, that we are amazingly adapted for hand-eye coordination. I did not have to plan my attack, nor did I have to constantly refer back to bean, hand, bean, and then hand again to determine the trajectory which my hand should take to acquire the green morsel. Instead, I was so simply able to stare at the bean, jut my hand through the fence hole, and, without accidentally nabbing a single leaf or errant bean or stem, navigate through that jungle and affix my hand to that single bean that I'd been staring at. Simple, yes. Amazing, still a yes.

Anticipation of cantaloupe!

Relief at seeing new Beefsteak tomato growth!

Excitement at thinking of a fall/winter garden with a bit more experience under my (proverbial) belt.

The second application of organic Bloom feed to the garden, as well as the application of organic treatment for the aphids on my sunflowers.

Stoked!- Soy Beans, ahoy!

Soy Beans

Incoming Rosita Eggplant!

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