Friday, March 20, 2009

More of a plan

March 20th was an awesome day.

I finished my Marine Biology paper that I've been procrastinating, for no reason at all mind you, for weeks. I then drove to Sac State to verify that I'm still enrolled and ready to register for classes this fall. Then I received some academic counseling and found out, a happy surprise it was, that I only have four classes to finish all of my GE courses. So, as long as I can do a few of those in the Fall, including the writing intensive, and finish up the last one or two in the Spring of 2010 while at the same time taking some more biology classes, I can graduate by the Fall of 2011 or more likely, in the Spring of 2012.

And then...PEACECORPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully early 2013.

Then I went to REI, and thanks to my 20% off member's coupon, my $57 Dividend from 2008's expenses there, and a $20 gift card I didn't even know I had...I bought a super awesome, high quality, +20 dg. super light weight backpacking sleeping bag, for 34 friggin' bucks!!!! SWWEEEEEEEEEEEET.

...And then I came back to the apartment, relatively clean as it was, and chilled alone and watched Million Dollar Baby. GRREEEAT movie. I've known for years that the Eastwood was a badass, but damn...the Eastwood's badassery continues to awesomize my mind.

Then I ate dinner and chilled with Dianna while watching Equilibrium. And now I'm going to curl up and read more Love In The Time Of Cholera. I'll hopefully finish it within the next couple days!

Damn... It's been a go(o)d day. Hope everyone's day was awesome as well 8-}
Hurray for moving on!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Songs of the nightlife"

It's been 12 hours since I've had my wisdom teeth extracted, and HOT DAMN I feel good. Nothing beats being told that you're handlin shit, especially pain, "like a 'G". So now I sit, after watching two movies, Milk and In the Electric Mist, listening to Luke Vibert and BJ Cole's "Stop the Panic" CD, maxin relaxin or coolin or shootin some b-ball outside of school when a couple of guys said WE'RE UP TO NO GOOD! I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said CODY... stop

So how are things with you? Dandy? Did you get that thing removed? How's the know,...the one with the ...thing. Oh, your lips called, they NEED CARMEX!!

No this isn't a pain-medication induced writing. I've actually used less than prescribed today =8-0~

So, these are some things that are awesome, and/or matter:
bein' chill

rockin' out (while juggling)

and the more or less uninhabited parts of the world

And, for some extra happy reading material, read stories published by peacecorps volunteers

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speakers full of chrome, and it's not even April yet!

MUTANT C.S. and low'in' dah rewf.

I'm nearly half way through with my 6 month venture into the realm of pseudo-independence! The pitfalls of having roommates, and all the drama that ensues from each and every one of them, is a HUGE drawback and downer for me while living here...BUT...all is not not well. I'm definitely enjoying the independence, the idea that I have more freedom to do more of what I want to do, whenever I want to, and not have to even think of telling anyone else. I've definitely learned to hold back on certain extra expenses, although that for sure hasn't stopped me from going to SF every now and again for the occasional show or to take someone there.

Quite a few shows have been enjoyed in the past few months. Definitely the two most memorable are the Chinese New Year Celebration, with MOCHIPET! Five hours of electronic music, including mochipet's awesome one hour set, followed by an awesome dance, drum circle, and christening of the OX for the new year. And more recently, I was lucky enough to see, for the third time, the Secret Chiefs 3, one of the most amazing groups...EVER. They played at a really sweet new San Francisco jazz club, Yoshi's, an older location of which is in Oakland. Was about to blow money on dinner somewhere after the show, but instead bought the brand spankin new sc3 dvd, live at the GAMH 2007, along with the animation AYLAQRUH: HURQALYA that goes along with it. needless to say, the dvd shows some amazing footage of a wonderful show that, sadly, I missed due to WORK.

"it all started one night when I came here for a rave..."

Aside from settling into the apartment and occasionally vacationing to not-so-distant lands, I've been occupying myself with a marine biology class at Sac City along with my wu-tang buddy, Mike, and trying to figure out things while I have the free time to figure them out. Priorities, goals, plans, you know...the really unimportant things. OH...and juggling. Been doing lots of that. KkLUTZ!

#1-Maintain a positive attitude, and always be the good guy. I'm pretty sure it's because I've been watching far too much Heroes and other supermen related media (BTW WATCHMEN was amazing!!!!!!!), but I've come tot he conclusion that I am definitely a good guy. there are far better, and far far worse, but as long as I can maintain my status as the good person, one who does the most good for the most people and the least harm through the most thought and reflection, I will consider my life to be meaningful. Regardless of whether I end up doing "anything" with my life.

#2- Stay focused on school. Don't overstress or overthink, take advantage of the education, just stay on track and, when you finally do finish, do whatever the hell you want to do with your life!!!!!! Now, I'm in now way the type of person who sees college as a means towards the degree, but in a way I see this process as being, in part, one of the many social requirements of the times, and by completing it, I'll feel more justified and less inhibited when it comes time to say Screw This and leave everything behind to start my name and my work somewhere completely different.

#3- As Mitch says in Dirty Work, "Don't take CRAP from anybody!" Go through everything you have to go through, regardless of difficulty, and reap the benefits later. Namely, a nice savings, and the opportunity to take more time off and go into the mountains!

#4-Go hiking more!!!

#5-Take part in the Bighorn Sheep field seminar in the Mono Basin in September!! It's totally worth it!!

Hope all is well with the millions of you who read this :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

super dense update coming freaking SOON (right when I get back from the movies and get my BRAIN ONTO THE KEYS)


COME ON ! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!"

2 of hearts by JOSE EL RAY.
ironic love songs are the best love songs.

"I got my bass low ridin' and my speakers fulla' chrome, rollin through' miami with the cars that go BOOM"-OVS

UPDATE SOON. I KNOW ALL OF YOU (THE MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!! THE miiillllllLIIIOONSSS) are waiting)'s all coming soon...