Saturday, November 29, 2008

Morning epiphany

So why as children did we EVER, EVER think that Froot Loops were delicious?
I saw a box of it in my cupboard, probably leftover from when my little cousins were here, HURRAYED!', and quickly poured a bowl.


Monday, November 17, 2008

LSD "whats with all the rum and drugs??" IN. THA. CLUB!

freaking sweet two part interview with live show clips of Otto von Schirach and 666 CENT in AMAZO-EUROPE...
can not wait until their shows in december!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
apparently Otto's trying to get balasz(666 cent) to come to america for those december dates :-) hell yeah!

and, if anything, you will learn how OTTO has been arrested and other shit...


finally! I've been waiting for someone to put up a video of Zach Hill performing the 30 minute song that he played when I saw him twice last month...Here's the 1st ten minutes of it :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

work work work work work

traps traps traps traps traps work work work work work.

finally! I have something keeping me busy and my constantly anxious mind occupied!
I'll have another month or so of this, then some part time work for a couple months, then I'll be ready to MOVE THE HELL OUT of my house by the summer time and take that next step towards independence and moving on with my life, making sure that I stay smart in all of my actions and plans, and am always looking ahead for what's best for my future...