Thursday, November 3, 2011

Garden update and NEW BLOG! (?)

So, I fail at providing photos for the deconstruction process of this Summer's garden but, rest assured, it is deconstructed. Currently, nothing is planted. And I'm not sure if anything will get planted this winter... we'll just have to wait and see. I have continually turned the soil, and turned in the soil created by the worms in my worm bin (and the worms as well...). So, if anything, next year's garden will (hopefully) be pretty amazing. The soil already looks so much richer than it did in early May.

Also, I have created a new (serious) blog for the random thoughts and essays I write (generally between 11pm and 2am) on nights after reading some particular article for problem of evil seminar. I currently don't have any goal for a schedule or posting regimen, but the end game is for it to provide an outlet for my more serious writings and to keep motivated to continue philosophy(-esque) writing in the "off-season."

I have received a rather warm reception with some recent papers, and so would love for this blog to provide a conduit to better the writing aspect of it as well as to (hopefully) act as a tool to hone at least some of my personal philosophy down from "I'll be damned if I venture outside of the role of devil's advocate" for most issues over into some firmer territory.

But, just as I must do for the garden, I'll just have to wait and see!