Friday, March 20, 2009

More of a plan

March 20th was an awesome day.

I finished my Marine Biology paper that I've been procrastinating, for no reason at all mind you, for weeks. I then drove to Sac State to verify that I'm still enrolled and ready to register for classes this fall. Then I received some academic counseling and found out, a happy surprise it was, that I only have four classes to finish all of my GE courses. So, as long as I can do a few of those in the Fall, including the writing intensive, and finish up the last one or two in the Spring of 2010 while at the same time taking some more biology classes, I can graduate by the Fall of 2011 or more likely, in the Spring of 2012.

And then...PEACECORPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully early 2013.

Then I went to REI, and thanks to my 20% off member's coupon, my $57 Dividend from 2008's expenses there, and a $20 gift card I didn't even know I had...I bought a super awesome, high quality, +20 dg. super light weight backpacking sleeping bag, for 34 friggin' bucks!!!! SWWEEEEEEEEEEEET.

...And then I came back to the apartment, relatively clean as it was, and chilled alone and watched Million Dollar Baby. GRREEEAT movie. I've known for years that the Eastwood was a badass, but damn...the Eastwood's badassery continues to awesomize my mind.

Then I ate dinner and chilled with Dianna while watching Equilibrium. And now I'm going to curl up and read more Love In The Time Of Cholera. I'll hopefully finish it within the next couple days!

Damn... It's been a go(o)d day. Hope everyone's day was awesome as well 8-}
Hurray for moving on!

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