Monday, June 6, 2011

Backyard Garden 2011: Week Three

Okay, so we're already at week three! (day 23 from the very beginning, to be exact)

My goal from here on for subsequent bi-weeks (week five, seven, etc.), will be to record more detailed information(though I may not always provide it in this blog) regarding new growth, measurements, any observations, sprouting and germination, pests, routines, etc. This is planned in the hopes of noticing, even in the slightest, changes and growth after each two-week period.

Here goes!

Tomatoes: New flowering on the Roma and the Sweet 100s, and four tomatoes growing on the Beefsteak plant.

Sunflowers! (accompanied by weeds)

New Pole Beans (planted between Sweet 100 and Beefsteak tomatoes)

Mavras pepper, roma tomato, soy beans, and rosita eggplant

Roma, Soy beans, cantaloupe, carrots, and sunflowers

I also took measurements for each plant above ground, which is done by measuring the height from soil floor to the very highest point (leaf or stem), and by noting how many leaves or main stems there are (except in the case of tomatoes, where it seemed a just a tad unreasonable).

I am also, sadly, to the point that I'll likely be noticing more negative things as well. For instance, one of my cantaloupes appears not to have taken or rooted, and is dying (update: is dead).

Oh well! It's all a learning experience. As for reasoning, I can't be sure, but I am thinking that this is the result of either: (1) Water not reaching the roots very well (as it is planted on a mound without a definite water sink source, although if that were the case I would expect the other cantaloupe to be dead as well); (2)The roots not taking hold due to my not tearing off enough of the peat pot that it was in, although I would think this would be a similar issue with the other cantaloupe, which it isn't; (3) The combination of all the above mixed with the fact that it wasn't a strong plant to begin with, and the fact that we've been saturated with water (It's JUNE now, right?!)

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