Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backyard Garden: Week Two. Full on (no half-assing) vegetarianism(again!): Day 24

Day 15, Garden Diary: Holy smokes, are you seriously germinating already?

After less than two weeks of being planted, my soy and snap pole beans, sunflower, lettuce, carrots, basil, and cumin have all germinated already! I had thought I'd over-watered, but apparently not. They must love this February-like May. This also despite two rats' attempts to dig up many of them (RIP 5 snap pole and ~10 soy bean seeds).

Pole Beans!

Tomatoes, basil, and snap pole beans in foreground.

Sunflowers, Carrots, Cantaloupe.

Eggplant, lettuce, soy beans, rosemary, cumin, squash, cucumber.

And with the combination of an abundance of free time, my recent return to vegetarianism (for good this time, I hope), and the need to gain some more culinary experience in prep for the fall harvest, I've cooked a ton, like, literally, non-stop the past two weeks. Many tofu stir fries and fried rices, amazing stuffed portabellas, banana nut bread (confirmed from 4 people thus far, not half bad!), "chocolate chip f***ing cookies" (as referenced in Barefoot in the Kitchen), apple pie, and whole wheat breads- all home-made, and actually baked by someone who loves to add "a little this and a little that" to everything stove-top. Finally, some baking experience!

Goals over the past two weeks (the two weeks of complete solitude and independence- wonderful!): use much less water (achieved to a degree, had it not been for so much cooking and the cleaning that was necessary), use much less energy (definitely achieved; unplugged the TV and haven't used it in over 10 days, unplugged most other unused appliances), cook more (check and check), eat healthier (I feel amazing. Like, seriously, amazing), and to enjoy being 23 for a few more weeks.

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