Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Fall Day

I must say that last week was pretty damned fun. I saw Zach Hill (drummer of the now-defunct HELLA) play downtown at LUIGI'S FUN GARDEN, which is a small room attached to Luigi's pizza. The show was freaking amazing! His show consists of: himself, his drums, his ipod, performing a 35 minute song, entitled "necromancer", of phenomenally intense drumming insanity!

I only stayed to see him that night, but it was well worth it.
So worth it in fact that I decided to make the drive up to Nevada City, somewhere I have always wanted to go but haven't, on Thursday to see him again.
The town itself, at about 2700 feet above sea level, is densely surrounded by conifers and by beautiful deciduous trees in their fall glory.

Nevada City, though only an hour from Sacramento, has such a "small town" feel that is evident in nearly everything you hear and see. Everyone seems to smile at you as you're passing them in the neighborhood, the only sounds in the air are the rustling of the leaves in the wind, and main street is less than 3/4 of a mile long. Nearly every house was completely decked out for halloween, making the fall colors that much more appealing.

The show that night was played at The Basement, which was, you guessed it, in some guy's basement! Apparrently the owner had taken nearly everything out of it a couple years ago(aside from a few awesome antique chairs set up in the back, perfect for your leisurely viewing pleasure), padded the walls, and decked the roof of the basement with christmas lights. I never would have thought Christmas lights would set up such a cool ambience for a show...

The owner's band played first, I can't remember their name...*thumbs down*
What's Up? played second, although due to technical difficulties had to stop partially through the third song. They are awesome though! Very upbeat, with lots of odd rhythms...reminds me a lot of Hella actually :)

And of course, again Zach Hill played awesomely. The same song, and with just as much intensity. I was wondering if much of what he does is improvised...I mean, how could he remember that WHOLE FREAKING THING while maintaining that kind of SPEED!? But, his performance to the best of my knowledge was identical to that of his performance I witnessed a few nights' previous.


And now I am so very anxiously awaiting the 6 hour party/show at Club6ix in San Francisco on Halloween night!

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