Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Backyard Garden: Week 5 (Day 39)

-Added one new compost bin, to afford time to the other one (a 32gallon can 3/4 full) time to sit for 3-6 weeks before adding any more. Current count: 2 standard compost bins, 1 vermicompost bin

-Performed the first "feed" of the season to all plants- a mixture of organic vegetable fertilizer, chicken manure, and fresh/new organic garden soil, all topped off with a ginormous amount of water.

-Flowers on: Cucumbers, cantaloupes, all tomatoes, the zucchini green squash(along with several squashes-in-the-making), the yellow crook-neck squash, and even the Ichiban eggplant!

By the way- squash flowers are delicious when fried up with some cream cheese, garlic, and onion stuffed inside them!

-Roma tomatoes are finally coming in!

-Caged the Cherry 100 tomato (all three now caged)

-Snap/pole beans doing incredibly well (~6-8'' of shoot growth in less than one week)

And it's odd that, despite the fact that fertilizing methods vary (Organic vs. non-) and that planting times were different, my neighbor's cucumbers and zucchinis are flowering at the exact same time as my cucumbers and squash.

On to my children!

Snap/Pole Beans (co-hosted by dog poop)

Sweet 100 Tomato

1st batch of carrots.

Zucchini Green Squash about to bloom as it does each morning

...and there she is in full bloom.

Rosita Eggplant. I love these beautiful, gigantic, soft leaves.

Soy Beans

Cantaloupe! It's finally taken hold, and is rapidly reaching out for new ground.

Mavras Pepper

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