Sunday, April 12, 2009

Piling on! More plans for the Fall

I have been excitedly planning on attending a field seminar, hosted by White Mountain Research Station research scientist John Wehausen, on the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep on the weekend of September 12th and 13th. The seminar includes two days of strenuous hiking at 10,000+ ft. elevation, and the chance to see Bighorns in the wild!
And now, still months before I even intended to make further plans for the fall, some friends and I have laid out plans for an awesome 5 day road trip. We're all packing in a single truck and booking it down to Three Rivers in time to hang out at the local bars before closing, crashing, and hiking around King's Canyon and Sequoia National Parks the next day. We then plan on meeting up with more friends in Bakersfield and storming down to the Los Padres National Forest, west of the Grade. BEEAUUUUUTIFUL freakin' stretch of land; rolling and desolate hills with tiny streams, covered in dense manzanita, brush, and various degrees of high desert, and wet forests of pine.

Along with going back to being a complete full time student at Sacramento State this fall, finishing up the field season, attending that field seminar and making my way back through Yosemite, then doing this road trip in October...I'd say that this Fall seems like it will be pretty damn fun and productive!

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