Monday, December 8, 2008

As we are upon a new year...

The past 5 weeks have been, basically, non-stop work. Waking in the morning, packing a lunch, working on traps at home, heading out to work and working on traps until dark, then working some more until about 6 or 7. Every. Single Day. In 5 weeks, I've taken 3 days off where I did NO work.
I've definitely proven myself to my superiors lately, showing them that I can take initiative in a time of need and do what needs to be done...and there is some satisfaction in that...but the main reason I've been able to do so much lately without going COMPLETELY insane(but trust me, I'm partially insane because of all this) has been the fact that, nearly every day, I've had a light at the end of the tunnel. That is: a SCALDING HOT shower, a huge meal, hanging out with my new friends in Greenhaven, and the prospect of moving in with said friends.

Well, as luck has it for me today, She just called to let me know that her roommate was going to be out by the end of the year and I'll be able to take over his part of the lease. So I am OFFICIALLY moving out 8-) Hells. Yess.
I probably have about another 3 solid non-stop weeks of work(aside from my Portland road trip with Mike for Christmas time! w00t!) left to do before I'll be looking for another part time job and attempting to feed, clothe, and even BATHE myself...ALL ON MY VERY OWN in my own lil' space!!!!!

But, just like real life, not all of my happenings as of late are wonderful.

so...I witnessed a seizure for the first time on Saturday night. And, it was a baby. My friend and her boyfriend and daughter and I were all hanging out and chatting, while the daughter was laying on my friend's stomach. Her arms tensed up, and we realized she was having a freaking seizure! Her eyes rolled around, she she twitched, she hiccuped for air but couldn't breathe...the whole thing. It was one of the most intense moments I've ever been a part of. She was completely unconscious, not breathing, and turning blue. I was talking to the baby, trying to be calm and soothing even though I knew there was no helping what was going on, and I ran my hands through her hair and over her forehead...I have NEVER felt someone be that hot before. She was BURNING up!
The ambulance was there within four minutes, I threw some of my friend's and her baby's clothes and diapers together and chased after them...and her boyfriend and I followed them in the ambulance.

At 2am, we all headed home after the hospital released her with no clear indication of why she had had the seizure, except to say that it was a reaction to her high fever.
Apparently early the next morning, she had another small seizure, and it turns out they were a reaction to her high fever from an ear infection :-(

I'm happy to say that she is fine now, and has been seizure free for at least 36 hours and her temperature has gone down. But out of all of this, while watching her have that happen to her, I realized that I am sssoo not meant to be a parent, at least not yet. I was frozen in shock while watching her, and if it weren't for her mother telling me what to do, I probably would have stayed frozen and helpless.

But now that I know she's okay, I can sleep better and focus on my work again...BECAUSE I'M MOVING OUT! hells yes.
and I am completely stoked to see Otto Von Schirach and Venetian Snares in less than ONE WEEK! I'm going to work half a day, head to the city, sell some cds at amoeba, eat a BIG ASS DINNER, and see an AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG SHOW and DANCE ALL NIGHT!!! And then... I'll get to see it again in Portland one week from that night. 8-) and PORTLAND...I can't wait to get up there either. Mike's coming back soon, and we're going to take a quick trip up there...good music, I love the weather, good micro brews and music, and good people...

And THEN...I'll work just a few more days to build up some reserves for rent for the next few months, go to an AWESOME show in San Francisco with Mike on NYE, and then move in.

So, all in all, I'm super busy, but it's all for a happy end-goal, so shit's doin' pretty good.

And I must close with something I saw while in the Emergency Rooom on Saturday Night...
I must say...I havent been a big fan of the modern SNL, and maybe it was just because I needed something to laugh at that night, but this song rocks 8-)

+1 million for having Meadow Soprano in the video too :-) *heartthrob*

Hope all is well with everyone!

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