Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ahhh...the End of 2008...

Selected Evening Music: Mochipet's "A Milli Girls in line 4 Da Bathroom" and Shitmat's "KILLABABYLONKUTZ"
Selected Evening Attire: Blue long sleeve shirt (sleeves rolled up, OF COURSE) and pajamas. 8-]

So, this homie and his uhva' homie went to Portland this past weekend to pick up his sister and some of her friends.


Miguel, laughing at Mt. Shasta. Yes, AT, not suck MT. SHASTA!. You almost killed John Muir!
I must also point out the fact that he brought the Beardcore back from Central America. I have failed in this endeavor.

SE Portland...WITH SNOW! Worst storm in 40 years...timed just right for us. Aren't we special?

hmmm...Miguel's vehicle seems to have pulled a Michael Jackson. Miguel doesn't approve of Post-Thriller-Era Michael Jackon...YOU SUCK SUZUKI!! WHY COULDN'T YOU FEND OFF THE SNOW WITH YOUR WIPER BLADES ALL NIGHT AND SAVE US THE HALF HOUR OF OUR PRECIOUS LIVES TO DE-ICE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

I have absolutely no clue what this is. WTF?
By the way...whoever made the balls(me) has no concept of proportionality.

Patriotism is for winners. God is for winners. Real Winners. Real Winners like US. BE A WINNER JUST LIKE US!!

*Read: Winning at Patriotism and God(God Winners as possible new fad term? YES!) also requires the "Necks extended/Chins Up" posture as well. It is PURELY Anti-American and SACRELIGIOUS to seem any less enthusiastic and protective of all of this great nation's flag murals and to any of its references to GOD (our lord and saviour*the British consider him a saviour too so the U is mandatory, K??!*)*

Four Days until NYE...Tim Fite, Zappa Plays Zappa, and Les Claypool at the beautiful War Veterans Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. TUX AND GOWN CONTEST FOR STONERS= Possibly the best night in the history of time.

Less than one week to go until I'm moved into my new domicile with some friends in the Pocket/Greenhaven area. Hells yes 8-)

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A. E. Starkey said...

Man, Springfield's murals ruled.